Jean Baur
Jean and Her Therapy Dog, Rudy, Help Clear The Shelters

Testimonials from "Stop Burnout!" presentation, South  Carolina Assisted Living Federation of America:

"Jean was very engaging and spoke on a topic that we all deal with on a daily basis, internally and on our team. I'm eager to put this to use with my team."

"Great speaker! She knows her stuff and was able to get the audience involved with real life stories."

"I wish she would come and do a one-on-one with my management team."

Testimonial from "Customer Service in the Trenches" presentation, Mystic-Noank Library:

"I wanted to thank you for joining us at the Mystic & Noank Library this morning. Your presentation was timely, informative and fun and we all genuinely had a great time. Thanks so much! I hope we are able to do something similar next year. Best, Roberta"

Roberta Donahue, Assistant Director, Mystic-Noank Library


If your organization is suffering from burnout, or your employees are stagnating in their careers, it's going to affect the bottom line and your reputation. Whether you're a small non-profit organization or a large corporation, your employees are your most valuable asset. To ensure that your staff is engaged, creative, and working to fulfill your organization's mission, find out how Jean can help. She'll tailor her signature talk, "Stop Burnout! Five Steps to Re-Energize Your Work for Your Best Year Ever" to fit your group's specific needs, and can also help with any career issues.

Jean's AARP Webinar

Check out Jean's webinar with AARP here.


"Jean Baur is an informative, extraordinarily on point professional speaker who knows how to engage a group while offering practical and on-target pointers. She has spoken to our job search networking group, The Schmoozers Job Network, every year for the past four years and is one of our most requested speakers. She provides workable solutions to issues that face job searchers, and motivates them to get out there and get a job."

Judith R. Rosenthal
Volunteer Program Facilitator and Moderator
Founder of the Schmoozers Job Network, a program of Jewish Family Services, West Hartford, CT


Jean is a dynamic speaker who knows how to inspire audiences to maximize their potential. She draws on her diverse background as an author and career coach to reveal the symptoms and causes of burnout, empowers her audiences to be the "boss" of their own lives and careers, and helps them realize there are always choices. During the current pandemic, she has adapted many of her workshops into Zoom presentations, keeping them interactive, upbeat and practical. She has spoken to organizations across the country including the Association of Career Professionals International, nonprofits and public libraries, educational institutions, the insurance industry, and the Assisted Living Federation of America.

Author of three books, Jean has worked as a writer throughout her career. Her most recent book, "Joy Unleashed: The Story of Bella, the Unlikely Therapy Dog", is in its third printing and continues to delight readers with its true stories of Bella comforting patients, helping special needs students, and reassuring people in crisis. Bella died in January, 2018, and Jean is working on a sequel: "Bella's Last Gift: Legacy from an Unlikely Therapy Dog", and continues her volunteer work with her second therapy dog, Rudy.

Ask Jean to speak at your next event. She'll tailor her talk to the specific challenges facing your organization, helping you improve morale, lower absenteeism, and make your workplace a vibrant success. And if you want a really upbeat experience for your staff, invite Rudy, Jean's therapy dog, to come along. He's been part of conferences, staff development sessions, and programs for library patrons. He doesn't mind helping out via Zoom, either!