Upcoming Speaking Events

The Gift of Therapy Dogs: Remembering Bella, Meeting Rudy

Saturday, May 5, 2018, 11AM - Cheshire Public Library, "The Gift of Therapy Dogs: Remembering Bella, Meeting Rudy," May 5, 2018, 11AM. Please join Jean and her new therapy dog, Rudy, to explore the wonderful ways therapy dogs heal and comfort. Jean will share how she trained both dogs as well as a few passages from her book: "Joy Unleashed: The Story of Bella, the Unlikely Therapy Dog." Children welcome. Free. Call 203-272-2245 for more information.

The Magic of Therapy Dogs

Friday, May 11, 2018, 2PM at the North End Club. Members only event. Rudy will be there!

Joy Unleashed: Lessons From An Unlikely Therapy Dog

You can listen to a webinar version from AARP. Register Online.

Past Speaking Events

AARP, November 15, 2017, "Why Your Network Should Be The Center of Your Search".

LAKE FOREST COLLEGE, November 2, 2017,"The English Major: What You Have, Where It Could Take You", plus a workshop for a creative writing class.

CLA (Connecticut Library Association), October 27, 2017, "Joy Unleashed:  Lessons from an Unlikely Therapy Dog", and for the customer service division: October 11, 2017, "Customer Service in the Trenches" (workshop)

ARGENTUM SC (Assisted Living Association), October 24, 2017, "Stand Out Every Time You Talk" (keynote) and "How Therapy Dogs Help Assisted Living Staff and Residents"

PALA ((Pennsylvania Assisted Living Association), October 10, 2017, "How Therapy Dogs Help Assisted Living Staff and Residents"

LOMA (Life Insurance Association), September 7, 2017, "Stop Burnout:  Five Steps to Re-Energize Your Work for Your Best Year Ever" (keynote), and "Stand Out Every Time You Talk"

MASS-ALA (Massachusetts Assisted Living Association), October 27, 2016, "Stop Burnout"

LIMRA (Caribbean Insurance Conference), June 6, 2016, "Stop Burnout"

PALA (Pennsylvania Assisted Living Association), May 3, 2016, "Stop Burnout".



Look for Jean's new book, Joy Unleashed: The Story of Bella, An Unlikely Therapy Dog, now available at most online stores. It's a touching memoir that crosses borders and generations to reveal the power of redemption, healing, and love. After losing her job in New Jersey, Jean adopts a dog named Bella from Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico. Their journey into the world of therapy-dog work gives them both new purpose in life, and helps countless others overcome their own pain while learning that broken souls can, indeed, be healed. A must-read for anyone who appreciates the true power of the human-canine bond.

Check out the book's website and upcoming speaking events.   And see the recent interview on NBC CT: Rescue Pet Becomes Therapy Dog in Mystic.


Jean in Stonington, CT

Jean can be reached at jb@jeanbaur.com. To sign up for her blog/mailing list, please go to the Burnout/Career Blog page and put in your email. To schedule a speaking engagement, please email me. I'd love to hear from you and will work with you to make your next conference a huge success.