Jean talking about how to stop burnout at the Caribbean Insurance Conference in the Bahamas.

Who hasn't experienced burnout? What organization hasn't struggled because burnout is affecting the bottom line? This talk offers five concrete steps to turn burnout around. Jean helps her audiences understand what burnout is, what causes it, how to "own it", ways to explore alternatives and how to recognize that we always have choices. Highly interactive, this talk makes a difference. As we're all expected to do more with less, learning these key tools is essential. Oh, and it's fun. Don't let your organization miss out on this one.

See Jean's National Speakers Association profile and hear a key member endorse her work.


Does your organization want to help people get back to work? Is your staff stagnating or putting off getting their resumes in shape? Want to get ahead of the competition and learn how to get back to work? In this interactive series for all job seekers, Jean presents three workshops covering effective resumes and cover emails, key interviewing skills and the role of social media, and strategy: how to search smart. Drawing on her extensive background as both a career coach and the author of two books for job seekers, these sessions provide critical skills for finding work and managing careers.


Bella died in early January, 2018, just shy of her 11th birthday. She and Jean worked together as a team for six years. Rudy, a puppy that Jean and her husband adopted in June of 2017, turned one year old in March and was certified as a therapy dog by Pet Partners. He goes with Jean to the local hospital and nursing home, and visits special education students at a middle school. Although still a puppy, Rudy is calm and good at his job. And he really likes treats!

Invite Jean and Rudy to your next event if you want an uplifting presentation that proves the power therapy dogs have to reach through isolation and fear.


What happens when we have to make a presentation--whether to our staff, the board or a room full of strangers? We get nervous and our message gets lost. In this keynote address or three-hour, interactive workshop, learn the fundamentals of effective presentation skills. Find out how solid eye contact is an anchor, learn about posture and gestures and how to use your voice effectively, and tips on crowd control. You'll also see how good talks are organized and how to use visuals without them upstaging you. And you'll leave with a video of yourself in action. Don't miss the chance to stand out every time you talk!


You're faced with customers all day long. On the phone or in person, some have quick questions, while others may need someone to talk with and take up your time. Still others could have health issues or behavioral problems that are difficult to solve. And you're expected to provide excellent customer service while staying within your organization's guidelines. How can you do this without ending each day with a headache?

In this interactive session, learn specific strategies to help you provide excellent customer service while maintaining a healthy balance of service and self-care. This has been a popular choice for libraries and library associations, and Jean has worked with the Connecticut Library Association and the Connecticut State Library.

  1. Her presentation was well prepared and a good way to start the morning! I would recommend the speaker it was a good reminder of how important it is as a leader to stay re-energized.
  2. Excellent talk!
  3. Good pieces to take back and share on a regular basis with my team and other leadership to help them thrive professionally and personally.
  4. Jean was very engaging and spoke on a topic that we all deal with typically on a daily basis, internally and from our team. I'm eager to put this to use with my team in the near future
  5. Yes! I wish she could come do a one-on-one with my management team.
  6. Great speaker! She knows her stuff and was able to get the audience involved and told real life stories
  7. Very energetic.

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